Thursday, December 01, 2011

A long overdue rant, Part 1, Economy.

Liberal mob psychology 101 isn't about liberals, it's about mobs. Ann Coulter's latest book Demonic says they're one and the same thing, but let's skip that theory for a moment.

Today, I've had someone whine to me about how he won't get a pay raise for his government job because the eeeeevilllll Republicans want to give tax breaks to the rich.

How about this: since you're employed, friend, how about you don't air your grievances on Facebook -- when you have friends who are unemployed! 

How about you don't complain about getting a pay raise when government employees make more than the private sector!

How about you don't complain about the evil rich republican supports when most of Wall Street votes democrat!

I spend about nine hours a day (9-6), Monday - Thursday, on job searches online, at practically any job search site on the web that I don't have to pay for.  I spend Friday-Sunday working on a professional blog that's as non-political as I can make it, and it's all about getting me published as an author of fiction, and it has ads that I hope to get some revenue from.

I write self defense articles for, and hope enough people click on them so I can get money.

And, of course, you have the Occupy Wall Street morons demanding that the government essentially take over the economy, so the poor little darlings can basically get a pension while they look for a job that'll take them and their liberal arts degree in something completely useless.

A lovely mob who demands that everything change just to suit them.  Let's destroy the way the economy works.  Because no one in all 30,000 years of cultural conventions never thought of this! We must be smarter than everyone who came before.

Answer: it's been done before, schmucks.  See: Soviet Union.

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