Thursday, December 01, 2011

A self defense discussion

I have a new job.

Over at, they cover a lot of interesting little topics. Religion, celibacy, and, of all things, self-defense.

Guess which job I volunteered for.

As part of the somewhat new direction I'm taking the site for A Pius Man, I thought it might be interesting to do a series of "fighting and writing." And, since I'm going to do a few articles a week for The Examiner, well, I won't be running out of material anytime soon.

Stories posted thus far on have been the following:

Should I take a martial arts class for self defense? Which one? The answer is something you've probably never heard of.... unless, maybe, you're Israeli military. Ever hear of Krav Maga?

When can you defend yourself in NYC? Because, let's face it, it would be annoying to have to defend yourself, and then be arrested for it.

Avoid a fight: Don't be a convenient target: This one I can summarize as defense through attitude.

How to escape an arm grab.Exactly what it says.

Evaluating a self defense class. Exactly what it says. 

Defending against chokes from the front... another how to post.  

If you are mugged … Or, how to surrender gracefully.

If you are mugged 2 … When you think that surrender and running are not an option, how to defend agains a knife. 

If you are mugged 3 … This is like part 2, only with a a handgun. 

Top ten points to attack an aggressor. When you absolutely must attack, this is how you do it.

If you're interested, follow any of the above links, and you can subscribe to the column directly.  You might find it useful someday.

Be well, all.

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