Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas charity opportunity.

Karina Fabian, Catholic author,  has asked me to post this.  So I have.  Enjoy.

No, I didn't say a lot. But I think the below will do, don't you think?

Dear friends and 
readers, This winter, I have two things in my
heart and on my mind:  caring for those less fortunate than me (or indeed, much
of the world) and my DragonEye, PI stories.  For Christmas, I’m combining them
and would like to share them with you.
 Those of you who are “Vern Fans,” know
about my dragon who works in our world as a private investigator, and his
partner, Sister Grace, a mage and nun in the Faerie Catholic Church.  They’ve
saved the worlds and their friends in numerous stories and novels.  Last year, I
wrote a story for Flagship about their first Christmas together.  Not
only is Grace struggling with the Mundane idea of Christmas, but their home is
threatened by a land developer who wants to tear down the entire neighborhood
and make a mall.  When the Ghosts of Christmas come to visit him, however, Vern
and Grace have to solve the mystery before the Christmas Spirits become Angels
of Death.
 I have revised and am publishing
“Christmas Spirits” as a serial story to raise funds for Food for the Poor. This
is a wonderful charity that helps people in impoverished nations help
themselves. It allows donators to choose their gifts--whether rice for a family
for a month, school supplies, livestock, tools or even houses.

asking that you please check out the story, and, if you enjoy it and want to see
more, that you donate even a dollar to the cause. Also, if you enjoy the story,
let your friends know. I'll post every Tuesday and Thursday as the donations
come in.   Right now, we have raised enough to send a family 20 baby chicks and
are halfway to a fruit tree in addition.  Vern would like to send them a cow (he
is a dragon, after all), but Sister Grace and I are dreaming of raising enough
to buy someone a home.  Can you imagine giving a HOUSE for Christmas?  Will you
 Find the story at
You can also get to it via my website,  Look under the
Christmas dragon for the link.   You can learn more about Food for the Poor at

Thanks for your attention!

Karina Fabian 

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Karina Fabian said...

Thanks, John, for posting this. We are up to buying a goat, but donations stopped on Wednesday, so we're holding on episode 4 of 9 until we get more. I really hope folks will enjoy what's up so far and want to see the story continue plus help a great cause.