Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Are terrorists the biggest threat to this country? Seriously, are they? Some days I'm not so certain. Lets say they all die tomorrow, what next? Business as usual? Let me tell you what the problem with that is.

Do you remember Vioxx, the arthritis drug that supposedly killed their patients? Liberals and trial lawyers (redundant, I know) wanted the drug company's head on a stick. Okay, understandable. However, if you asked the arthritis sufferers if they would rather take their chances, and they said yes, Liberals would still be against Vioxx and the drug company.

However, this is also the party that supports Jack Kavorkian, and your right to off yourself. Why is that? Aren't they against Vioxx because it's deadly? No, because big pharmaceutics companies ("Big Druggie"?) would be making money, and we can't have that, can we?

But if your aged mother or grandmother is going to die, then who profits? Not the drug company-- the government doesn't have to pay their social security anymore, and the death tax should take care of anything the decedent left behind.

Liberal legislation in Ohio has made your physician assisted suicide covered under medicare, but not your heart transplant. If you don't believe me, look up Mark W. Smith's "Culture of Death," a book that even Dean Koontz said terrified him.

So, Liberals are pro-choice for abortion, drugs, even whether you live or die.

But only if you choose from the options THEY give you. You can't smoke a pack a day and die of lung cancer, or eat red meat and die from a heart attack. You can't volunteer to die in the military.

To die their way, you have to file for it and sign your own death warrant on a sheet of paper saying you consent to having your doctor kill you.

Either that, or you stroke out and let your adulterous husband and his new wife pull your feeding tube.

Or you can get an STD with political protection. Any other virus as deadly as AIDS would get you locked away in a biohazard cell at the Centers for Disease Control. With AIDS, well, 85% of AIDS victims are gay, so we have to keep that disease a secret, and give it political protection. So, screw your brains out, get and STD and die. NOW, Planned Parenthood, and everyone else have given you that protection, that right, and defends your right to literally screw yourself to death (as I mentioned here).

You have to die the way they want you to die, and live the way they want you to live.

Though, as I mentioned, I think they'd much rather prefer you died.

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o n y p said...

"They [liberals] are only liberal about three things: hard drugs, sex, and spending other people's money."