Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm fairly certain that these next two articles will get me lynched, which may explain why no one would ever publish them in my school newspaper when I first wrote them in 2002.
With any luck, someone will look at these and think, and maybe not get killed, or make another terrible mistake.
Some people will look at these and think I’m making judgments about them… I’m more making judgments on the people who lied to you, because you have been lied to. Repeatedly, with no regard for your health, your life, or your happiness.
For those people who read these articles and take them as a judgment, you don’t have my judgment, you have my sympathy. Because, know it or not, you’ve been screwed in more ways than one.

Sex, Lies and Sex.

How well your brainwashing has held up?
Let us assume for the moment that you are not a good, highly religious person who believes in waiting for sex, but are instead a "normal" and "sexually liberated" person. You bring in a condom to the equation, the pill, and all modern safety equipment. You are now perfectly safe from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, right?
No. You're DEAD.
The dirty little secret about sex education is what you're NOT told. You're not told about the condom failure rates resulting in pregnancies each and every year. Now, since a virus like HIV is many thousands of times smaller than a sperm cell, how many viruses must a condom NOT prevent from getting away? So, the logical conclusion is that Planned Parenthood doesn't want to keep you safe; they'd like you to simple DIE.
Let me tell you how bad premarital sex has gotten. One in five teenagers has an STD, a total of eight thousand teenagers and 46% of girls get an STD on their very first time. Welcome to our very own politically incorrect epidemic (the Centers for
Disease Control considers the STD epidemic a "multiple" epidemic of at least 25 separate diseases -- nearly 50 if you count the various strains of virus groups). Instead of the world of sexual expression that we're constantly told is good and pure and harmless is not only wrong, but deadly wrong (see: "Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids" by Dr. Meg Meeker).
Other dirty little secrets: Our modern day, "Liberal" Catholic laity whine about the "senseless and arbitrary" condemnation of contraceptives between married couples who don't want to have too many children but still enjoy sex. First of all, if you've never heard of something called natural family planning, I recommend you learn about it quickly. Not only does it NOT mess around with your biochemistry like the pill (which makes your body overproduce blood clots and other fun stuff), but it's more effective than ether the pill or condoms for controlling family size (Ralph McInery, "The Defamation of Pius XII"). It's a little extra work, but at least it DOES work.
Would you like some more horror stories? How about 33% of 8-to-11 year olds and 49% of 12-to-15 year olds think that pressure to have sex is a big problem for them; nowadays sex isn't considered sex unless it's direct intercourse, so oral sex is "safe"-thank you Mr. Clinton ("Epidemic").
What about the mentally healthy sexual expressiveness pushed by Freud? It's a good way to put you into depression and other forms of mental problems (a college public health study referenced in Patrick Glynn's "God: The Evidence").
Some people look at me strangely when I say I'm a virgin, as though I'm an aberration. When I tell some atheists that I'm an Orthodox Catholic-I give the Pope the benefit of the doubt-they call me a Puritan, a member of the Religious Right, and other unpleasant names. Any and or all of it may be true, but at least I'll still be alive.

A Modest Proposal.

Ever since Theodore Dreiser wrote An American Tragedy 100 years ago, rich men have been paying poor women to get themselves “fixed”. In January, 1973, as far away from elections as possible, 7 Supreme Court Justices made it possible to now put it on the credit card for a lunch-hour ‘procedure.’
Abortion has removed more than 45million people from this country alone in only 30 years. That’s the population of ten western US states. One out of every four babies die by “choice.” Current birth rates have the population increasing by 1.2 kids per couple—you need 2.2 to replace the population (US Public Health Statisticians). With the population density of NJ, you can fit the world’s people into Texas (PJ O’Rourke).
“But it’s my body!” It’s not about you! There is another entity involved here: an unborn child—“fetus,” if you prefer the Latin, but who ever says “I can feel the fetus move / kick”?
In the 19th Century, the American Medical Association, citing discoveries in fertilization and embryology, persuaded democratic legislators to make the abortion of what had been discovered to be new life a felony for fellow medical practitioners. Now, genetics and DNA show us that the unique genotype of a baby is NOT identical with the mother or the father. I hate to break it to you, but child is an individual person.
For those who refuse to be convinced by science, theology or philosophy that a fetus is a living thing with a right to live, let’s try something else.
What about children from rape! They’re harmful to mental health! No. Statistics show that victims of rape who raise children that resulted from the rape actually recover better from the rape itself (1970’s Minnesota, when abortion was still illegal, could not find a single conception resulting from violent rape). By the way, have you ever heard about adoption? Besides, not even one in every thousand rapes results in pregnancy by the most generous definition of “rape,” so the “mental health” argument for pro-death doesn’t have much statistical support.
Utilitarian wanting the greatest good for the greatest number must do the moral math: abortion results in an increased probability of breast cancer (National symposium on abortion, at SJU 11-2-03); so giving birth increases the future workforce, lets you live longer, and—if you go for adoption—gives joy to two other people who can’t give birth.
Let’s not discuss partial birth abortion, which involves cutting the baby apart as it comes out of the womb, and, finally, while the head is still inside the mother, the brains are sucked out through a needle.
Thanks to the women have exercised their choice for death: you’ve left room for Mexican Catholics, Chinese Baptists, Korean Evangelicals, and pious Muslims from everywhere to come and take the opportunities you were too weak and tired to give to your child. The theistic hopefulness of these groups will give us the stronger culture the US had when my great grandparents came here.
Thank you for exercising your female choice to abort—it’s a great comfort to the spineless males who refuse take responsibility for you and the child you both helped to bring into existence. Do not hold him responsible—it is, of course, your choice, right?
PS: as for the Liberals I’ve offended—does it bother you that we are the only western democracy that did not get abortion by democratic means?


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