Thursday, August 04, 2005

I am not a news junkie....

So why should you care?

Simple: I"m not a news junkie, and I'm still more informed than half the people out in the world. This isn't an insult, but it is a statement of fact-- how can I be so well informed? I go to political comedy websites, and whadda you know? HALF OF THE FUNNY PARTS ARE THE REAL LIFE NEWS STORIES. Can you believe that?

Probably not. However, is an amazing little site that allows for such interesting things.

Then of course, I do hit certain select sites of news ANALYSIS, such as my friend Jason, of Imperial Requieum.

Another interesting source of information that you may find amusing is simple: my newly found contacts with the members of the New York City Young Republicans. Just listening to idle chatter around them is more enlightening than any five showings of the McLaughlin Group, NPR, or PBS news.

For example, there was a Frenchman there-- who's name I will not say-- and yes, I do mean a Frenchman as in he was born in France. However, he's here, now, running as fast and as far as he can from the morons back in France. He made several very interesting points.

1) Frenchman hate America... they hate America so much they're DESPARATE to come here for jobs because the country's dirt poor, and is becoming a third world country, sort of like Russia under the Tsars

2) The People with the most money in France... are Swiss bankers and Russian Mafia (the Mafiosky), both of whom want the nice quiet countryside in France, away from their native long winters. (In the case of the Mafioski, they probably want to get away from the reign of Tsar Vlad, Russian PM Putin, who, former KGB man that he is, is out to take full control of the country... and we're shocked WHY?)

3) The economy is so bad, that French women will... let's say that they will sell what morals they have.

4) Jacques Chirac has about $30 million in the bank... but his salary has never exceeded six digits in his entire life... where'd all that money come from? (*cough* food-for-oil *cough* *hack* *wheeze*)

Ah well, more later. Farewell and good night. And if you're good, I'll provide analysis on this tomorrow.

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