Monday, August 08, 2005

And now, a quote from the Gipper himself.

"The deficit doctors have their scalpels out all right, but they'renot poised over the budget. That's as fat as ever and getting fatter.What they're ready to operate on is your wallet." --Ronald Reagan

Wow, nothing changes, does it?

Other bits snatched at random from the News. Darth John Bolton, the new ambassador to the United Nations arrived at Turtle Bay only five hours after the president dispatched him, and he was greeted with carefully calibrated warmth. Remember, this is the man sent in to crack heads, take of names, and maybe ask a few questions to the corrupt food-for-oil smuggling representatives to third world coutnries (and in this case I mean France and Russia.)

Also remember that this man is put in in a recess appointment-- basically, that President Bush bypassed the senate to make a "temporary" appointment that will last for around a year and a half, by which time, Bush's second term will be half ove, and Bush can probably do it all over again for the SECOND half-- assuming Bolton wants to be bothered with the UN losers and EUnichs. Considering the level of burnout at high government levels (name me a Clintonista staffer who lasted more than one term-- he went through several FBI chiefs, and Janet Reno, the worst Attorney General in the history of the US, I think was the only one to make it in the long haul-- from Waco to Elian Gonzalez.... sounds like the title of a book... but I digress).

Now, the dems are saying that Mr. Bolton arrives in New York with 'built-in handicaps' and 'starts out as a lame duck' without 'the stature that comes
with Senate approval,' makes no sense. He's there for a year and a half, and probably more, if he wants the job. And I'm pretty sure that if the UN doesn't care what the President wants, says, does, the UN doesn't give a damn what Ted Kennedy or Chuck Schumer wants.

In an editorial, the Associated Press called the appointment 'brazen' and an 'in-your-face gesture to Congress and the global community.' While I think the latter is true (the nomination of Bolton was in their faces, considering his reputation), this is bull. However, W. only needed to overleap a tiny minority of senators, resigned to a permanent role as grumblers.

All there is for now. Enjoy.


Fafhrd1 said...

Let's not forget that Baron Sevan, the Oil for Food head honcho, just resigned from office...just when Bolton takes his seat at the UN.

Can't be a coincidence, can it?

JohnK, No relation to SarahK said...

Sounds like Bolton arrives, we should note the floor of people out of town. The waves of The Poseidon Adventure will have nothing on it.