Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And now, a Subject which will drag everyone to my site (at least every male), by search terms alone.

The Hottest Chicks of the Internet ("Neocon" version.)

Okay, some of these women are not neocons, however, I would like to submit them as proof than brains and beauty can go together quite well. Just because they're human beings worthy of respect and decency does not also mean wee cannot appreciate them as they are as works of art at the hands of God.

And if you can't seem some of these women as works of art, get glasses.

To start with
May I introduce to you the lovely and talented SarahK, of Mountaineer Musings. She is, of course, the Mountaineer (not to be mistaken with Sydney Bristow of Alias). She's cute, cuddly, has an impressive set of lungs, and an impressive set of guns. And, sorry guys, she's taken, by Frankj of IMAO.

Then of course, after her, the witty, charming, and ever friendly Ann Coulter. Anyone who knows of Ann, you know exactly what I mean. If you don't know Ann... well, follow the links.

Now, over at thoseshirts.com, they have a very interesting layout...

And I mean SHIRTS. Get your head out of the gutter. I particularly have a weakness for the anti-commie / ACLU shirts.

Then again, there is also the ever marvelous Michelle Malkin, journalist, IMAO fan, wife and mother, and all around sharp lady. The only place to go for in-depth journalism nowadays, even on the web, I think. Following her links... I mean, her lead.. is usually a safe bet when referring to anything in the so-called "real world."

Now, this young woman is a friend and a fellow blogger-- Kathryn Vogel, not bad, eh? She isn't big on the political commentary, but then again, how many people really, really, REALLY want nothing but politics 24/7?

Here's where I cheat a little and introduce my friend, Inna Lamm. While not a blogger herself, she is a conservative, and, well... she's hot.

Now here is a young woman who'd probably kill me if she knew she was being put on this list, because she is not a neocon. In fact, Colleen works at New Yorker's Against the Death Penalty. However, she's my friend, it's my list, and she's not unattractive, yes? Besides, she's pro-life in every sense of the term, which means Howard Dean would call her a neocon anyway.

There is also an attractive young woman who I am not as familiar with, but she is attractive, and conservative, so she should be included. Her name's Tara, and she's a frighteningly brilliant woman. She is an attorney, fitness model and nutrition consultant NYC & Westchester, and she passed the NY Bar Exam on the first try. She's also working on her new fitness site, still under construction. I'll update it as it becomes complete. I don't know about you, but I'd follow her advice on fitness.

In any event, there are other women to come, assuming I can make their photos load.


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