Thursday, September 15, 2005

On being Catholic.... Sometimes, even paranoids have real enemies.

When they were first building the Washington Monument, the Vatican sent marble from Italy to help in the construction. However, good solid Americans wouldn’t take anything from some damn Papists, and tossed it in the Potomac river.
When FDR was approached by Catholic and Jewish advisors who asked that he at least have the train tracks to Auschwitz bombed, he replied that “This is a Protestant country, and you two are only here under sufferance.”
Recently, I wrote about how Pope Pius XII saved 860,000 Jewish lives during the Holocaust, since then, the French have devoted yet another movie to slandering Pius, as well as another “Historical” book on going after Catholics in general for “supporting” the Holocaust by shear timidity, despite the fact that Catholic convents and monasteries hid refugees all throughout World War II.
The KKK hated Jews, Blacks and Catholics; it’s still okay to hate the Catholics. Everyone in Washington foamed at the mouth when Trent Lott supported Strom Thurmond for President, 1948 (when 30% of Black America voted for Thurmond), but no one found problems when he merely hated Catholics.
Three years ago, a man shot a priest in the middle of the street in Baltimore; he confessed. This man was found not guilty by reason of mental defect—he had, after all, been molested in the past, so of course he had to be let free (read the sarcasm, please).
An enthymeme is a term in logic referring to an argument where either supporting evidence for an argument, or the conclusion of the argument is left out. Looking at the above, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions—hint: it has something to do with prejudice, anti-Catholicism, and “even paranoids have real enemies.”
Before I let you get back to your nice, neat, comfortable lives, let me give you a little side note, and a hint of a prediction. Given the murder case above, imagine a Muslim making a derogatory comment about the USA—any comment, from taxes to Clinton to the FBI—and receiving a bullet over it; when that murder case goes to trial, the defendant pleads “not-guilty on the grounds of mental defect stemming from 9-11 rage.” After letting a priest killer go on the “mental defect” of having been molested in the past, the grounds are there to let a murderer go because his victim resembled “a hijacker.”
Welcome to my nightmare: if you’re a victim, or if you hate the right people you can get away with murder; if you slander the correct group, have fun. We’re living in a world where someone is valued more highly because s/he’s a victim of society instead of a victim of homicide or slander; and it’s perfectly legal, and it’s quite alright, as long as you’re not the one on the slab.


Anyone who has a television set knows about the recent pedophile problems within the US Catholic Church. However, the number is a dark secret, something I managed to get only after a scouring a few hundred NY Times articles: one hundred priests, nationwide, over the course of FORTY YEARS. One hundred bad eggs in forty years—the police don’t have a record that good. In the diocese of Brooklyn alone, there are 200- 250 parishes, which gives you an idea about how small the problem is.
Maybe you’ve heard about all the possible solutions for pedophilia proposed by the vultures who leapt all over the “pedophile scandal rocking the Catholic Church,” in the hopes of pushing their own agenda, be it woman priests, a married clergy, a democratized process of electing Bishops. There was a man who proposed all of these exact same things back in the 1960s; in addition to that, he was also an advocate of the homosexual Man-Boy Love Association, whose motto is “Eight is too late.”
He was Father Gahagan of Boston; the golden boy of the Left in the twentieth century turned into one of the first and worst pedophiles caught in the twenty-first.
To take a serious look at the idea of “democratizing” the Church by parishioners electing Bishops, let’s update the idea of the Italian mob picking Pope Ambrosious in the 4th century, and instead, turn it into an election. Let’s get all of the butterfly ballots together, and make sure that they’re picked by a Democratic election board so they’re properly confusing, assemble the Democratic and Republican nominees for Bishop, and elect the person who’ll control the multimillion dollar properties scattered over hospitals, Churches, publishing houses, and colleges. And, of course, as in any election, they’ll be the million dollar donations from, say, Mr and Mrs. Gallo, and suddenly, Gallo wines become the wine at Catholic masses all over the state. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
When one of FDR’s Catholic and one of his Jewish advisors asked him that he at least have the train tracks to Auschwitz bombed, he replied that “This is a Protestant country, and you two are only here under sufferance.”
And now, in the 21st century, a man can shoot a Baltimore priest and get off, I suppose that Catholics are still here under sufferance. Maybe we should pack up and leave, starting with our hundreds of hospitals and AIDS clinics.
Maybe someone should acknowledge that Catholics are hated for not allowing abortion or contraception in an age where the birthrate is below 2.0; some hate Catholics for meaning “till death do you part,” for not being like everybody else. Maybe someone should acknowledge that Catholics have been like this for 2000 years before we were even born, and will be when we are long gone, and should get used to it.
Oh, and PS: most of the pedophiles were ordained in the 1970s, the age of “liberalism” and “sexual revolution,” and now the proposed “solutions” are more “liberalism” and “sexual revolution.”
So, should you be an Orthodox Catholic, give the Pope the benefit of the doubt, and suspect that the American media are out to get you, just remember that sometimes even paranoids have real enemies.


Katsvenland said...

I knew the number of pedophile priests was small, and no one outside of the Catholic church that I know of will acknowledge that clergymen of other faiths have commited sins under the sheets.
I didn't know the anti-Catholicism of this country was so rampant that acts of goodwill such as sending Vatican marble to construct the WM and advising FDR to demolish a symbol of hate were refused. We've tried time and again to do good but keep getting accused of wrongdoing; makes you wonder why not all Orthodox Catholics aren't Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Read Anti-Catholicism in America by Mark Massa or Catholicism and American Freedom by John McGreevy.