Thursday, September 21, 2006

Politically Incorrect fact of the day Category

Politically Incorrect fact of the day, #1: Stem cells.

Stem cells work. They are used to cure actual diseases RIGHT THIS MOMENT. I mean that, literally. In a May 2005 article in Citizen Magazine, you can see the list of things that stem cells cure. It cures cirrhosis of the liver, paralysis, inernal organs, luekemia. Two women, years before Christopher Reeve died, were cured using stem cells...

However, it only works with ADULT stem cells. Embryonic stem cells only help embryos turn into children. Embryonic stem cell research only helps people who'd like to see fewer children in the world.

ADULT STEMS CELLS Repairs spinal cord injuries with nasal and sinus stem cells-- in fully formed adult.

They reverse type 1 diabetes (at the moment, just in mice) with adult spleen cells. I'd like the FDA to approve THAT before my father dies from diabetes. (You hear me, FDA?)

Crohn's disease, a rather nasty virus, can be put into remission with the patient's own blood stem cells. Lupus can be put into remission in a similar fashion.

Umbilical cord blood, from a fully developed and BORN child, treats sickle cell anemia and puts leukemia into remission.

Stem cells from adult bone marrow can repair heart muscles in cases of congestive heart failure. Skeletal muscle cells restore weak heart muscles. Bone marrow cells heal bone fractures.

Ocular SURFACE cells [ie: epidermal cells from the eye, for you CSI fans] restores sight to the blind. Even stems cells using muscles from the armpit heal urinary incontinence.

Diseases cured by adult stem cells: 80 and counting.

People cured by embronic stem cells: zero, and counting.

People killed by the embryonic stem cell research, 1.3 million children aborted per year since Roe. Vs. Wade. And counting.

And now you know why embronic stem cells require federal funding: if it were a real cure, a true solution to anything, it would be funded by every medical research company on the planet. As it is, governments are the only people stupid enough to even consider it.

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Titania said...

JohnK, I love your post.

I know you wrote this a while ago, but I have some questions.

I was spreading the Good News the other day, and I pointed out your point on the stem cells research.

When I talked about all the people killed by Roe v. Wade, someone rebutted that those babies weren't actually killed for stem cells.

How do I rebut?