Thursday, November 03, 2005

I believe that I mentioned Boston Legal's misportrayal of the Iraq war, and how it was something out of a Michael Moore movie. There's a reply to the show from a Marine posted at the ABC forum, link here.

But for those who don't want to be bothered following the link, here's what the man said.

A Soldier's View

Posted: Nov 02 @ 08:32 PM
I am a soldier in the US Army and a member of the JAG Corps. My brothers are enlisted Marines. All three of us are Canadian citizens and have chosen to stand for a country that is not our own. My brothers have just returned from Iraq and I am to be sent shortly.

Last night I felt unappreciated and disrespected. These feelings are not a result of dissenting opinions or political views. I am dismayed as to the complete misrepresntation of basic facts.
1) My brothers and I have NEVER been deployed without body armor. In fact our respective units invested in brand new equipment for our use.

2) We volunteered and are aware that we may lose our lives.

3) No soldier or Marine would attempt or be ordered to defuse a IED without being qualified to do so. Also, standard operating procedure is simply to detonate the device safely and NOT to defuse it.

4) EVERY soldier and EVERY Marine are trained to fight and are qualified to guard a truck.

5) No contract is extended 26 years. In fact, I am aware of many soldiers and Marines who were NOT sent because their contracts would expire during deployment. If others are sent, they are given the CHOICE of resigning and are compensated generously. However, if they choose otherwise they will be required to satisfy their units deployment before release.

6) The client's brother could not have been 18. Despite the possibility that the soldier may have completed initial training by the time he was 18, he is not able to be deployed before his 18th birthday. Army deployment times are 1 year boots on ground time. In the fact pattern given in the show, he was held there beyond his deployment time, therefore he could not have been 18.

It is basic, fraudulent facts that give me the impression that ABC is simply attempting to attack the military and subsequently its service men and women.

I have decided to no longer watch this program.


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